Worlds finest veg-tan leather.

  • About W & C

      Wickett & Craig leathers are the premium choice for use in the manufacture of personal leather goods (luggage, business cases, shoes, handbags, dress/casual belts) and equestrian products (harnesses, bridles, saddles, and strap goods). Demanding customers such as CC Filson, … more »

  • Company History

      Established in 1867, Wickett & Craig is the leading North American producer of vegetable-tanned leathers used in the manufacture of personal leather goods and equestrian products. Our tannery has been creating the finest quality leathers for discerning customers worldwide … more »

  • News & Events

    Given the prevailing hide market conditions, it leaves us not choice but to pass on hide cost increases with a surcharge of $0.32 per foot on shipments made starting May 1, 2014 We Thank You patience and understanding as we … more »